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Car Repair Estimates by Photo

Why drive around town for repair estimates? Now you can upload photos of your car's cosmetic damage and make the autobody shops near and far compete for your business.

 Get competing estimates by uploading photos
Bummer! We're not available in your area yet!

I must approve at least 3 high quality body shops within driving distance for us to go "live" in any zip code.

Today we are a young startup with a lot of participating body shops in California, Massachusetts, New York, Georgia, Illinois, and Texas, and now they're popping up in other parts of the US too. With your help, soon we can be in your neighborhood! Please tell your favorite local shop about DentBetty and let's get them to join in on the fun.

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I didn't even have to leave my house. Can you imagine the time
I would have had to take to drive to get multiple quotes?
Alicia B, Novato CA - Read full testimonial
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Last updated Monday November 30, 2015